The Green Printing Revolution

Arti Grafiche Parini offers ecological solutions aimed at producing quality, aesthetically pleasing and chromatically optimized printed matter and packaging.

Why Green Printing?

Arti Grafiche Parini offers itself as an expert and trustworthy consultant to whom the client can turn to design his product according to pre-established sustainability parameters and strengthen the green image of his company, without sacrificing the beauty of the final result.

We have researched papers and packaging that would guarantee a lower environmental impact and studied how they could ensure the best possible result in terms of aesthetics.

Process Sustainability

The rational use of water, air and energy enables the transition to a circular economy that is fully realized in the paper industry. This circularity translates specifically into waste reduction, reuse of waste and resource efficiency.

From 2005 to 2015, it is estimated that the area of forests in Europe has grown by more than 4 million hectares. An area as large as Switzerland.


The eco-calculator is the tool that allows to evaluate the environmental impact and the savings of raw materials that are obtained through the use of recycled paper in terms of optimization of renewable sources, recycled waste, water, electricity, wood, CO₂ emissions.

For example, to produce the 2500 sheets of 70×100 cm needed to make 500 copies of our paper volume ”Green Printing” the paper mill produced the following consumption and savings in raw materials and energy:

Trees Saved


Energy saving from renewable sources

CO2 emissions (Kg)

Recycled paper waste (Kg)

Energy consumed (kW/h)

Some of our Green products:

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